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Pearls of Swines

Ajouté le 7 juin 2011
PEARLS OF SWINES - Gazul (GA 8865) - Distribution Musea
The last album I reviewed that involved the ever-busy and highly talented eclectic bass wrangler Frederick Galiay was Apokálupsis by Big (drum&bass), but Pearls Of Swines could not be more different. Apokálupsis was a strange and hard to like “deeply disturbing avant cacophony” as I described it, whereas this new album is a pleasing blast of accessible avant-rock and general strangeitude, and is far more listenable than its oddly named distant cousin.
Pearls Of Swines sets the poems of Edgar Allan Poe to the music of Frederick Galiay (with help from Sarah Murcia on The Raven Part 1), an idea that could be a toe-curling disaster in the wrong hands. Luckily, M. Galiay knows what is  (...)

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